ThreeTen Radio was first on air on January 8th 2005, broadcasting via Live365. After one successful year, broadcasting ceased in January 2006 due to circumstances so ThreeTen Radio had to stop broadcasting for a short time. ThreeTen Radio later returned to Live365 in October 2006 and sounded better than ever!

Streamed from a powerful server at 128kbps Stereo, the quality is fantastic. There are now TWO additional streams from ThreeTen Radio, a 70s only stream and an 80s only stream for those who like specific decades only.
Having a great love of music inspired me to bring ThreeTen Radio to the internet so I can share some great music for all that want to listen to it.

The Eighties for me was my favourite decade for music but there was also some really good music from the Seventies and also the Nineties. So rather than limit my station to playing just music from the Eighties, I decided to cover three decades of pop hits....hence the name, ThreeTen Radio. More recently I created the 70s channel and only the 80s as these are very popular decades for music. There are no plans for a 90s only stream.

Every single music track, jingle and sweeper you will hear has been produced to very high standards to keep the volume levels constant and to eliminate the annoying gaps you hear between tracks on most internet radio stations! I spent many hours to achieve this. My aim is to provide professional sounding stations for your enjoyment that is different from the usual boring stations you will hear.

ThreeTen Radio is a free organization. That means no annoying adverts. We are proud to be a not for profit group.

I do hope you enjoy the streams. Any questions, comments or queries are always welcome, just email me on the Contact link on the left of this page.







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